Our Story

Coffee is a magical drink. Not only is it a delightful and dynamic beverage in and of itself, it brings people together. No matter what challenges you experience during the day, nothing beats joining a friend for a cup of coffee.

Eight months into our COVID-19 lockdown, many of us still cannot join our friends for a cup of coffee. And that tears out our hearts, because we know the power of coffee, and the importance of community. We are determined to look beyond the current pandemic to build “the next normal” where people can come together IN PERSON and share a cup of coffee – and even a gourmet donut.

Which is why we launched this Kickstarter campaign – to build a coffee shop in our beautiful mountain community where both young and young at heart can not only come together over a cup of coffee, but also to support the needs of our community.

What do you get when you combine a manufacturing owner, who happens to be a chemist, with an artistic Operations VP, who happens to be his wife…?

The Mammoth Coffee Roasting Company of course!

Meet The Team


Owner/Bean Counter




Business Sustainability Manager


Communications Coordinator


Bean Keeper


National Caffeine Consultant


Il Miglior Caffettaio