Our Simple Philosophy…

We believe we can help humanity one roast at a time

By partnering with non-profit and charity organizations, we provide the tools and support necessary to raise funds for their mission and programs.

We believe in putting people and the planet first

By carefully selecting vendors and partners who share our philosophy, we help promote fair trade, fair wage and earth sustainable business practices.

We believe you have the power to initiate change

By choosing Mammoth Coffee you directly help Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra and the numerous other charities with whom we partner.

Where It All Began

With over 25 years of chemistry, manufacturing, and business
experience, Mammoth Coffee Roasting Company is the culmination of a lifelong love for the Eastern Sierras, a love of science and a love of coffee.

Founded by Steve & Tracie Shatkin in 2017, this endeavor of love also extends to our local community as we proudly support Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra and the National Wounded Warrior Center, by
donating 3% of all net proceeds to these organizations.

We are fortunate to have this opportunity to share with you some amazing coffee! Our beans are single sourced, and carefully selected and roasted with love to create an amazing, smooth cup of coffee without the bitter taste.

“The Beans are Calling, and I Must Roast!”

What do you get when you combine a manufacturing owner, who happens to be a chemist, with an artistic Operations VP, who happens to be his wife…?

The Mammoth Coffee Roasting Company of course!

Meet The Team


Owner/Bean Counter




Business Sustainability Manager


Communications Coordinator


Bean Keeper


National Caffeine Consultant

Black Lives Matter Statement

A message to our Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. community:

Millions of Americans start their day with a cup of coffee and the morning news.
Regardless of what information suddenly pours into our world, as soon as we taste that first sip of rich, warm coffee, we know everything will be okay.

When we set out to create Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co., we not only wanted to become part of America’s vital morning ritual, we wanted to be better. To be better people. To be a better company. To actually “help humanity one roast at a time,” as we learn from and address the pressing needs of our society.

Part of “helping humanity” is being a catalyst for change. As we have grown our company based on this founding principle, we find ourselves bringing the two together as one core principle of life — to help humanity by facilitating change.

This might be as simple as speaking out against racism or as complex as taking part in the education and mentoring of a young person in need of guidance.

Doing what is right may not always be easy, or popular or profitable. But doing what is right … is always right.

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, David McAtee, the list goes on. One life is too many, and the very fact that a list of names exists is all the proof people need to demand change.

Black Lives Matter.

Our company is dedicated to “helping humanity” by expanding our role from facilitating a pleasurable morning ritual into using our platform to speak out against systemic racism while encouraging others to do the same.

It’s a plain and simple message that leaves no room to negotiate: we are committed to fighting for Black lives, and we stand in solidarity with activists around the world and in our community. We will continue to put our dollars towards organizations that improve lives, put our energy into initiatives that build diverse communities, and use our platform to advocate for reform and demand justice.

“Helping humanity” means everyone, and today Black Lives Matter more than ever.

“We believe in putting people and the planet first…”

“We believe you have the power to initiate change…”

Thank you for making a difference!

With Warmest Regards & Coffee Love,

The MCRC Team

(Tracie, Steve, Jenny, Bree, Brett & Claudia)